After a burnout at my former job I decided that it was time for a change. Global markets & trading have always been of interest to me. But I never had the balls to live that passion. Now I do.

What’s [ bacuba ] anyway?

This blog is my trading journal and, honestly, writing articles keeps me away from the charts and taking shitty entries. It helps me focus on my strategies, wait for my setups and review my performance.

Who are you?

My name is Simon. I’m a father, husband and was born and raised in Northern Germany but have been living in beautiful Andalusia (Southern Spain) for more than 15 years. I recently sold a WordPress theme business that was my bread and butter for more than 10 years. But I had to deal with a burnout. I didn’t like that job anymore.

In the prime of my life I decided to finally respect my passion and get my head around the global markets, stock exchange and daytrading. Sounds easy, right? So I started to read, watch videos on YouTube and read a lot more.

Without any financial education, experience or even studies I needed some time to puzzle out what my trading style was, what my favorite assets were etc.

After a bit more than a year of struggling, going back to the drawboard over and over again, studying my ass off and losing money, I can finally say that I seem to have found my strategy and have been profitable for a few months now although markets are going nuts these days (2019/2020).

This blog is my journey.