Suddenly a Daytrader

In late 2018 I was dealing with a burnout because of my job, needed to change my work life & thought about an old passion of mine: global markets, stock exchange, buying, selling, yeah. No product to create, no annoying clients, just the market & me. I had to learn how to trade.

Not healthy!

I was a freelancer working from home, had a good life selling WordPress themes for more than 10 years. But everyday it became a little harder to get to the desk and design, code or provide support. I loved this job once, but now I had to force myself to work. That’s not healthy at all.

Rethinking Life

Hence I started to reassess my professional life… at the age of 39. Incidentally I saw a video on YouTube about daytrading. It was one of those bling bling clowns with a Rolex and a Lambo. I was watching it for fun and it was.

But then I thought why not take this seriously and remembered the late 90’s (dotcom bubble, new market etc.) when I was closely following the stock exchange but didn’t have any money to invest. I started to search for traders with a serious approach, one for grown-ups.

And that’s how it started.

Planning Short-Term

I would like to learn day trading to be able to make a living from it. I will be trading short-term on a daily basis. Clear setups, only a few assets. As my liquid funds are limited I will also try get a funded account of a prop trading firm. Apart from that I want to keep on trading my personal account on a smaller scale.

Doing Well

Although I’m still new in this industry and am far away from being a professional trader, I can say that I love this job until now. Heck, I even liked when I was still losing money. Imagine how proud I am being profitable. Every Sunday evening I’m looking forward to starting the new week and seeing the markets open. Definitely a new experience. May it last!

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